What is unique?

Unique - It is a unique project that we started in 2006 to find a better solution than existing applications in the tourism software market.

In short, it is an "end-to-end" tourism platform that includes many software modules including Unique, DMC and Tour Operator solutions.

At the heart of this platform we have a dedicated framework to manage all business logic.

The main idea is that all modules available on this platform are interconnected and run on the same framework. No integration between applications is required.


What products can I sell using Unique?

You can present the following main products to your customers through the Unique system as of now:

  • Package Tour
  • Hotel
  • Flight ticket
  • Ship tour
  • Transfer
  • Health insurance
  • Sightseeing tour

These are the main products, and there are other types of products that can be sold separately or combined with these products. It is very easy to add new products to the system and define them.


What are the features of Unique?

Unique is a completely independent booking and tour operator software platform. The system has dozens of features and more than 90 modules. Let's talk about a few main features:

Special discounts, coupon codes and campaign definition depending on the authorization

Selling different products of unlimited number of different modules within a single reservation with basket logic

Adding new modules / products quickly and easily

Simultaneous Multi-Language Support

Multiple Currency Support

Several Operators and DMCs can work on the same platform

Multi-operator and market support, selling through various micro sites for different marketing strategies

Fully integrated CRM and call center management system

Market Analysis system that allows to compare the prices of a particular product with competitors and change prices when necessary

Instant dynamic package tour price calculation and real-time price update

You can change all hotel prices for all periods within seconds.

Selling scheduled and charter flights directly from GDS systems (Galileo, Amadeus etc.) without bilateral agreements

Ready-to-use integration with more than 13 banks and payment systems (Banks, Paypal, Ogone etc.)

More than 30 tables and reports containing the intersection of sales, reservations, agents and products


 How will I manage reservations?

It also includes screens where you can manage your unique reservations. You can easily find and manage all the details of the reservation (product, customer information, accounting information) from the same screen, thanks to the screens offered by the system.


What does Unique give me?

With Unique, you will be one step ahead of competitors.

You can make direct sales over the internet by increasing your company's productivity and competitiveness, reducing operating expenses, and following the sector closely.

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