Transfer Planning

The Unique platform, which offers end-to-end tourism solutions, has developed a special module for tourism operators' vehicle routing problem. Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is a combinatorial optimization problem that aims to determine the most suitable routes for vehicles that will serve customers from one or more locations. (wikipedia) Transferring a certain number of people to certain locations within the package tour service. 

  • Number of vehicles
  • Vehicle capacities
  • Vehicle types
  • The number of customers
  • Customer preferences
  • Number of different routes
  •  Distances between routes
  • The duration of the longest route
  • Waiting time

 It offers a tool that makes transfer planning taking into account. Parameters can be changed with the personal experience of transfer planners if desired.


Expert experience is not a substitute for optimization, but it is not overlooked. The smart transfer planning system is improved day by day, combining expert experience and optimization, and can be customized. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times, it provides fuel savings by finding the most suitable route.


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