Smartcall is a platform that offers CRM and call center applications together. It enriches its data with every incoming phone call, learns your customer preferences and analyzes the information it has, bringing your business to a more productive position.


What is CRM?

The word CRM consists of the initials of the English words Customer Relationship Management. It is a platform that you should use to manage your customers and potential customers interactions with your company, evaluate customer preferences, and manage their positive / negative feedback.

 With CRM, you get to know your customers and create communication strategies. As a natural result of this, your customer satisfaction and your preference rate among your competitors will increase.


Managing Phone Calls

Smartcall integrates into your telephone exchange. When a call comes to your business, the identity of the calling customer is predicted from the "caller ID", and your customer relations specialists learn about the customer before answering the phone.

 The following information of the calling customer is displayed before each call.

  • General profile information
  • Old calls
  • Feedback and complaints, if any
  • Business activities with you, orders
  • Special notes you receive about the customer
  • Customer segmentation and preferences

Customer Segmentation and Campaigns

Every dialogue with your customer is a learning opportunity for your Smartcall. Smartcall reports the information it has learned to you in categories and helps you direct the right campaign to the right people.


Feedback Tracking

Your customer relations department can categorize all incoming calls and e-mails, and each step taken to resolve customer complaints can be recorded.


Customer Surveys

Smartcall helps you to make surveys to your customers about the products they have purchased and to display the information from them in a meaningful way thanks to the survey module it contains. Surveys can be done by phone or by e-mail.



The Smartcall CRM system can be integrated with other systems you use in your company and can help you increase productivity by reducing the transition between screens.

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