What is robot?

A modern robot is a mechanism that performs programmed actions, which perceives the world around it with the help of sensors (sensors, microphones, cameras), builds behavioral models to carry out a specific program, and is able to influence the physical world in one way or another.

The fear that robots would replace workers has completely disappeared. Started at big projects with multiple robots systems, robots now are more commonly used at smaller companies for specific tasks.

Robots are becoming increasingly important in applications ranging from quality control, to the service industry.


What is robotic solutions?

If you think that robotic solutions are something unreachable and just an option for the big players – now is an exciting time to take a new look. With recent innovations and advancements that cut costs and expand capabilities, robotics has become an available and effective path to profitability for more businesses than ever.

With our robotics solutions, you eliminate the weak points of manual processes, work more productively and reliably in your intralogistics and are also prepared for new customer experiences at the touchpoint with your customer. As a professional solution developer and integrator, we focus on your individual process and your existing infrastructure when designing your robotics solution.

Robotic solutions make integration easy by bringing control, safety, motion and other requirements together in a single software architecture and development environment.


What we do?

We do designing, manufacturing, programming and integrating fully robotic user friendly solutions that covers all your needs.

We provide turnkey packages that include the robot and controller, safety setup, software, training, and support.

In general, we produce robotic solutions for the tourism, manufacture and agriculture sectors, but thanks to our long years of experience, we can produce and implement solutions that can be used for other areas.

Please feel free to contact us for your questions, comments and suggestions.

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