Special Metatrader applications

Metatrader is a platform with very advanced features known to almost everyone in the forex world. You can both place buy and sell orders and perform technical analysis on this platform.

Special Financial indicators

Metatrader; It contains many known indicators such as MACD, RSI, STO, CCI. It also allows you to create your own indicator in line with your own strategies.

Metarader special indicators

Private Expert Advisor - Forex Robot

On the metarader, you can define the rules of your investment strategy. You can clearly reveal when to buy / sell, exit and stop-loss strategy, and test the accuracy of your strategy with historical data. In this way, you can try your strategy without losing money.

Metatrader Programming Language (MQL)

The programming environment provided by Metatrader for the development of custom indicators and forex robots is called MQL. It is usually read by adding the version number next to the word MQL. Example: MQL4, like MQL5 ..

Which version you use depends on the technology and preferences of the broker you are working with. MQL4 is very popular in the world right now. But it will undoubtedly transfer its place to MQL5 in the near future.

What are we doing?

As Bustron informatics, we assist you in creating your own forex robot (Expert Advisor) and special indicators.

You determine your forex strategy and we program it. Let's test the right and missing aspects of your strategy together.

Integration with other apps

Want to integrate Metatrader into your own app? Why not.

You can exchange data with Metatrader. You can instantly get cross rates and emptia values ​​to your own system. You can show instant data on your website.

You can send the buy and sell orders you have produced with your own software to Metatrader.

Which version are you working with?

We can work with both MQL4 and MQL5 platforms.

Do I have to sign with an intermediary before I start working?

No, no need. You can create and test your strategy with real data in the test environment. You can decide when to start real trading when you are ready.

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