Market Analyzer

With the growth of e-commerce, every product can now be accessed on the web. Customers don't do their market research by visiting retail stores. They can search and buy the most affordable products on the web in a short time.

For this reason, Web data extraction (web scraping) has become an important part of market research. It is more important than ever before to collect competitor data through web data extraction and create pricing strategies accordingly.

Market analysis system shows the prices demanded by competitors with similar products and services in your market on a single page. It helps the marketing team to re-analyze the changes in price by showing them from a price and seasonal perspective. It helps you determine the preferability level of the product by presenting the prices of your competitors on a single page, instantly. It obtains competitor prices, demands and popular search dates by extracting data from web resources with its smart system.

With its smart solutions that can be applied to every sector, "Unique Market Analyzer" will help you develop correct pricing strategies and differentiate your competitors with its user-friendly digital platform.

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