Why would I integrate GDS?

After integrating with one of today's biggest 4 GDS (Saber, Galileo, Worldspan and Amadeus) systems, you can sell flight tickets all over the world and do all transactions related to tickets.

You will not need to go one by one and make agreements with companies such as THY, Pegasus, AtalsJet. With a single integration, flights of all domestic and international airline companies will be integrated into your system.


I sell in different currencies. Is this a challenge?

Our integration system allows you to sell in different currencies. The system makes currency conversions automatically. Setup information is taken automatically from the system, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

If you want, you can expand the rates with a certain multiplier or define a custom exchange rate. You determine your service fees, agency commissions and collect all payments from your virtual POS. (By the way, we also have a Virtual POS service, click for details).


What should I do for integration?

We take care of all the technical details after you make an agreement with one of the GDS systems.

Thanks to the seamless integration infrastructure we use, the information exchange between your system and GDS will be simultaneous, reliable and cost-effective.


Will My Website Design change?

Your website should reflect your corporate identity. Our integration does not bother you in this regard. It can be integrated into any visual design.

Still don't have a website? Let us help you, as soon as possible to launch your website where you can sell online.


As Bustron, we also offer consultancy services to help optimize the technical approach and marketing strategies for GDS distribution.

You determine your strategy, we prepare the complete turnkey system and deliver it to you.

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